18 OTT Platforms Banned by Indian Government in Crackdown on Vulgar Content!

18 OTT Platforms Banned by Indian Government

In a major move, 18 OTT Platforms Banned by Indian Government for allegedly hosting obscene, vulgar, and in some cases, pornographic content. This decision comes after repeated warnings from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) urging these platforms to self-regulate.

The ban extends beyond just the platforms themselves. A total of 19 websites, 10 apps (7 on Google Play Store and 3 on Apple App Store), and 57 social media accounts associated with the banned OTT platforms have also been disabled.

18 OTT Platforms Banned by Indian Government (Anurag Thakur: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting)

The OTT platforms currently inaccessible include

  • Dreams Films
  • Voovi
  • Yessma
  • Uncut Adda
  • Tri Flicks
  • X Prime
  • Neon X VIP
  • Besharams
  • Hunters
  • Rabbit
  • Xtramood
  • Nuefliks
  • MoodX
  • Mojflix
  • Hot Shots VIP
  • Fugi
  • Chikooflix
  • Prime Play

This action by the MIB highlights the ongoing debate about content regulation on OTT platforms in India. While some support the move to curb offensive content, others worry it might stifle creative freedom.

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