Hard Cell

Hard Cell

Genre: Comedy
Director: Catherine Tate
Top-Cast: Catherine Tate, Christian Brassington, Donna Preston
Writer: Catherine Tate

Synopsis – Hard Cell is an American English language comedy web series released on 12th April 2022 exclusively on Netflix. This series is available for binge watch worldwide only on Netflix. This series is directed, and written by Catherine Tate. It stars Poldark star Christian Brassington as prison governor Laura’s ‘Number 2’ Dean, Benidorm’s Niky Wardley as a troubled inmate Anastasia, former EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison playing herself, Sister Boniface Mysteries star Lorna Brown, Caroline Harding, Jola Olajide and Duncan Wisbey along with Catherine Tate in the lead role.


This film is based on a documentary style comedy which was shot in the fictional female prison, HMP Woldsley. In this film Catherine Tate has played six characters in this web series in the six different episodes of this series. This series is a prison mockumentary which is filled with fun and is touching.


Executive producer of this series said that we cannot wait to show audiences on Netflix the HMP Woldsley, a fictional prison occupied by the fantastic creations of Catherine Tate. This series shows us the life of a British woman in the correctional facility.


In this series Catheriene has played six different roles in HMP Woldsley of Laura Willis, Ros, Ange, Big Viv, Marco, and Anne Marie, Tate did his best in all the roles. The role of Laura Willis is the prison’s governor, Ros is a popular one in the prison, Ange is an innocent one who is struggling to adapt to her new environment, Big Viv is a lady who is violent and unpredictable, Marco is a prison guard from Essex, and Anne Marie is Ros’ mother.

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