Alia Bhatt Haunted by Poaching Scene: “Murder is Murder”

Alia Bhatt Haunted by Poaching Scene: "Murder is Murder"

Bollywood star Alia Bhatt is visibly shaken by the intensity of her latest project, the awareness video for the upcoming crime series “Poacher.” Released on February 12th, the video features Bhatt confronting a chilling reality: the brutal killing of a young elephant for its ivory. The raw portrayal has left a profound mark on the actress, who openly shared her emotional response with her followers.

“I spent less than a day in the jungle, but that scene still gives me chills,” Bhatt wrote on Instagram, alongside the video. “It’s a haunting reminder that murder is murder, no matter the victim. I can’t wait for you to see the full story through the eyes of Richie Mehta and our talented cast.”

Pochers Scene

Directed by Emmy Award-winner Richie Mehta, the video aims to raise awareness about the illegal ivory poaching trade that decimates elephant populations. The clip opens with Bhatt’s character venturing into the jungle, only to stumble upon a horrific scene: the lifeless body of a young elephant, its tusks brutally hacked off. The deafening silence is broken only by Bhatt’s voice-over narrating the grim statistics of elephant poaching, highlighting the urgency of action.

Bhatt’s powerful performance and genuine reaction have resonated deeply with audiences, sparking widespread conversations about the critical issue of wildlife crime. The video has gone viral, with many praising the actress for using her platform to advocate for endangered species.


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“Poacher,” premiering on Prime Video on February 23rd, promises to delve deeper into the dark underbelly of poaching and its devastating consequences. The series boasts a talented cast, including Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and Kani Kusruti, alongside Bhatt as executive producer.

  • The video depicts the killing of a young elephant, but avoids graphic details to remain suitable for a wider audience.
  • According to WWF, over 50 elephants are killed for their tusks every single day.
  • Include the hashtag #PoacherSeries to encourage further discussion and awareness.

alia bhatt in pochers

Bhatt’s emotional response to the awareness video transcends mere acting. It showcases the power of art to not only raise awareness but also evoke empathy and inspire action. Her dedication to using her platform for such a crucial cause is likely to resonate with fans and animal welfare activists alike. “Poacher” promises to be a gripping narrative, not only for its thrilling plot but also for its ability to move audiences and encourage them to become part of the solution.

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