Hanuman Soars Onto OTT Platforms: But Not Just Yet!

Hanuman Soars Onto OTT Platforms: But Not Just Yet!

Hold your horses, superhero fans! While the highly anticipated Telugu superhero film Hanuman will eventually grace our screens via streaming platforms, we might have to wait a bit longer for its digital debut.

Despite being a Sankranthi winner and even outshining big names like Guntur Kaaram in theaters, the makers of Hanuman are playing their cards cautiously. They’ve wisely capitalized on the film’s immense potential by selling the OTT rights but ensuring a substantial gap between theatrical and digital releases.

Here’s why we won’t see Hanuman on OTT anytime soon

Strategic release window: The decision to sell OTT rights early doesn’t translate to an immediate digital release. Producers often negotiate a window period to maximize theatrical revenue. Hanuman’s recent foray into national multiplex chains with the Hindi version further hints at an 8-week window before OTT premiere.

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8-week commitment vs. quick cash: Films like Leo faced difficulties securing national releases due to their shorter OTT windows. Hanuman’s nationwide screening suggests the makers are committed to the traditional 8-week gap, prioritizing the big-screen experience.

What to expect

Mark your calendars for mid-March (at the earliest): While the official platform and date haven’t been confirmed, Zee5 remains the likely candidate for Hanuman’s digital premiere. Mid-March seems like the earliest we can expect it to hit our screens.

A longer wait is worth it: This strategic delay ensures maximum revenue and excitement for both theatrical and digital audiences. It also allows time for word-of-mouth to spread, potentially boosting OTT viewership.

Hanuman’s journey from cinematic spectacle to digital platform might take a few more weeks. But trust us, this wait will be worth it as we prepare to witness the power of Hanuman once again, this time in the comfort of our living rooms. Get ready to chant “Bajrang Bali!” and experience the superhero saga in all its glory soon!

So, grab some popcorn, mark your calendars, and join the anticipation for Hanuman’s eventual OTT landing!


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