King Kohli Spotted in London! Did Baby Vamika Get a Little Brother in the UK?

virat kohli spotted in london with anushka sharma

Cricket fans are in a tizzy after a grainy photo surfaced online showing Virat Kohli, casually strolling down a London street. This sighting comes hot on the heels of the beloved cricketer and Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma announcing the arrival of their son, Akaay. While the couple has kept their baby’s birthplace under wraps, the London sighting has sent the rumor mill into a spin! ️‍♀️

The photo, captured by a dedicated fan, shows Kohli bundled up in a black jacket and white pants, baseball cap pulled low. While some fans are convinced this confirms the London birth theory, others point out that Kohli is a frequent visitor to the city and could simply be there for personal reasons.


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Adding fuel to the fire, whispers swirled online about Sharma potentially delivering in a London hospital. However, the couple has chosen to remain mum, requesting privacy during this special time.

So, did baby Akaay make his grand entrance in the UK? Only time (and maybe a future Instagram post) will tell! But one thing’s for sure, this little mystery has the internet buzzing.

Respecting Privacy: While celebrating the joyous news, it’s important to remember the couple’s request for privacy. Sharing details about the baby’s birthplace, especially based on speculation, could be intrusive.

Fan Theories Run Wild: Fans are having a field day with the London sighting, sharing their own theories and interpretations. Some speculate it’s a confirmation of the UK birth, while others believe it could be a personal trip or even a promotional event. Remember, these are just guesses – the truth remains with Kohli and Sharma.

Let’s Focus on the Joy: Regardless of the location, the arrival of baby Akaay is a moment of immense happiness for the couple and their fans. Let’s celebrate their expanding family and shower them with well wishes!

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