Rajamouli’s Mega Project Heats Up: Chelsea Islan & Deepika Padukone in talks for Mahesh Babu Starrer!

Chelsea Islan and Deepika Padukone with Mahesh Babu in Rajamouli's Telugu film

Hold onto your popcorn, movie mavericks, because SS Rajamouli’s next directorial venture is already setting the industry ablaze! Rumor has it that the Baahubali mastermind is eyeing none other than Chelsea Islan and Deepika Padukone to join superstar Mahesh Babu in his upcoming Telugu magnum opus.

Chelsea Islan, the Indonesian beauty who’s captivated audiences with her performances in movies like Headshot and The Gift, is reportedly being considered for a key role opposite Mahesh Babu. This potential casting choice would mark a exciting foray into Indian cinema for Chelsea and add a touch of international flair to the project.

deepika padukone opposite mahesh babu in Rajamouli's unnamed upcoming film

Deepika Padukone, Bollywood’s reigning queen, is also rumored to be in talks for a pivotal part in the film. Deepika’s powerhouse performances and undeniable screen presence would undoubtedly elevate the project to new heights.

Indonasian Actress Chelsea Islan in Telugu Film opposite Mahesh Babu ans Deepika Padukone

Now, while these are just whispers circulating in the corridors of Tollywood, the mere possibility of Rajamouli, Mahesh Babu, Chelsea Islan, and Deepika Padukone coming together is enough to send cinephiles into a frenzy.

Here’s what the grapevine is buzzing about:

The film’s genre: While details are under wraps, sources suggest it could be a period drama or a high-octane action adventure, both genres that Rajamouli has mastered with his epic storytelling.

The budget: This untitled project is rumored to be a massive undertaking, with a budget that could rival (or even surpass) Rajamouli’s previous blockbusters.

The release date: With pre-production still in its early stages, an official release date is yet to be announced. But one thing’s for sure, whenever it hits the screens, it’s guaranteed to be a cinematic spectacle.

So, buckle up, movie enthusiasts, because Rajamouli’s next directorial venture is shaping up to be a scorcher! With a potential cast of superstars and a visionary director at the helm, this is one project you won’t want to miss.

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