Tripti Dimri Takes on Aashiqui 3: Will Tripti & Kartik Set the Screen on Fire?

tripri dimri aashiqui 3 rumour or truth

Hold onto your hats, Aashiqui fans! Tripti Dimri, the rising star who set screens ablaze in “Animal,” is rumored to be the leading lady in Aashiqui 3!

Whispers are swirling around Bollywood corridors that Tripti has bagged the coveted role, opposite none other than the heartthrob, Kartik Aaryan. Imagine those smoldering eyes locked in a passionate gaze – it’s enough to give Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol a run for their money!

Tripti Dimri Takes on Aashiqui 3
Tripti Dimri Takes on Aashiqui 3

But wait, there’s a twist! This Aashiqui isn’t under the direction of the original maestro, Bhushan Kumar. The gossip grapevine whispers that Anurag Basu, the maverick filmmaker known for “Barfi!” and “Ludo,” is taking the reins. Can you imagine the offbeat, whimsical twist he’ll bring to the quintessential tale of star-crossed lovers?

Of course, with great gossip comes a dash of skepticism. Some industry insiders are casting doubt on the news, claiming it’s just a clever PR stunt. But let’s be honest, wouldn’t Tripti and Kartik sizzling on screen be a sight to behold? Plus, Anurag Basu’s stamp on Aashiqui 3 promises a fresh take on the franchise, one that could rekindle the magic for a whole new generation.

tripti dimri kartik aryan in aashique 3

So, is this rumor a burning truth or just smoke and mirrors? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, if Tripti Dimri is indeed leading Aashiqui 3, get ready for an epic love story with a twist, Bollywood style!

Do you think Tripti Dimri is the perfect choice for Aashiqui 3? Who else would you love to see in the role?

Share your thoughts and keep the Bollywood gossip mill churning!

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