10 Nahi 40

10 Nahi 40

Genre: Drama, Family
Director: J. S. Randhawa
Top-Cast: J. S. Randhawa, Sonal Mudgal, Ranjan Singh, Ramesh Goyal, Manmauji, Aakash Chaudhry
Writer: J. S. Randhawa

Synopsis – 

10 Nahi 40 is an Indian Hindi language film released on 11th March 2022. This film is written and directed by the famous Radiologist Dr. J.S Randhawa. The star cast of this film are Dr. J. S. Randhawa, Sonal Mudgal, Ramesh Goyal in the lead roles.


National as well as Internationally recognized radiologist J. S. Randhawa, also known as the legend of sonography, has made many changes in the world of science with his discoveries and creative methods. He has also played the role of an advocate in the High Court and Supreme Court as a personal petitioner to fight the legal battle for doctors. With more than 28 years of experience in the medical profession, his mind was conscious to do something different and creative. That is the reason he came up with an emotional story for this movie.


No doubt he was happy with his name, fame and success in life but wanted to use this happiness and his expertise to do something different and new. He organized many plays several times to spread social awareness and now he brought with the film 10 Nahi 40. He decided to enter the world of cinema with the sole purpose of creating social awareness through his film. Because cinema is also a medium through which awareness can be created among the people.


The story of this movie is about Sumit who often gets into arguments with its alderly in the building. Then after his sister in law Ashi, changes his attitude towards the people around him and then together they open a daycare center for old people. This movie teaches us to taking care for the elderlys and how the people should spend their last days of their lives in happiness. 

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