Aryan Khan Opens Up About His Directorial Debut in “Stardom”

aryan khan directorial debut

Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, is gearing up for his directorial debut with a web series titled “Stardom.” While details about the project remain under wraps, Aryan recently offered some insights into his experience as a first-time director in an interview with GQ India.

Speaking about the transition from being a fashion creative and entrepreneur to a director, Aryan highlighted the key difference in terms of involvement: “They’re both creatively stimulating in different ways. As a creative director, I’m involved in shooting ads and overseeing photoshoots, but the focus is primarily on the creative aspect. However, directing requires a much deeper level of involvement. I have to look into every detail, every shot, and every angle,” he shared.

While Aryan refrained from revealing details about the plot or cast of “Stardom,” he did mention the series will be a six-episode web series releasing on a streaming platform. He also spoke about collaborating with his father, Shah Rukh Khan, in an ad for his fashion brand, calling it “a pleasure and a learning experience.”

Aryan’s directorial debut has been creating a buzz in the industry, and fans eagerly await further updates about “Stardom.” This project marks his foray into a new creative space, and his comments offer a glimpse into the dedication and meticulousness he brings to the table as a director.

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