Ching’s new campaign titled as “Made in India” ft Ranbeer Singh & Rohit Shetty

Ching’s new campaign titled as “Made in India” ft Ranbeer Singh & Rohit Shetty

The Bollywood star Ranveer Singh and action director Rohit Shetty along with Ajay Gupta, founder of Ching’s Noodle, launched a new commercial of Ching’s Hakka Noodle on saturday (28th May 2022) in Mumbai. This advertisement features Ranveer Singh in a power packed action promoting Ching’s Hakka Noodles. Ching’s as a brand is making its mouth watering presence in India as well as all over the world. “We are pleased by the kind of response our products have received in the last two decades. Surprisingly, our Desi Chinese products are sold in China as well”, said Ajay Gupta, Founder of Ching’s.


The newly launched Ching’s advertisement of five mins is a video that you can see as an advertisement as well as a short film also. “I am still not sure what I should call it, but it looks great and I’m sure the audience will like it too. It looks more like a short film than a regular advertisement but we made sure that every element of Ching’s Noodles is highlighted”, said Rohit Shetty, a Director. Rohit Shetty is a popular director for his action, comedy and masala films and has put exciting scenes in the new commercial of ching’s.


Ranveer Singh is the face of Ching’s for the last six years and he also uses some products of Ching’s like he said, “I am a huge fan of Ching’s Schezwan Chutney and I can eat it literally with anything. I endorse a product only after trying it and the same happened when Ajay Gupta approached me. I am pretty sure every Indian household has either of the Ching’s products, especially the Schezwan Chutney”.

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