NTR’s Devara Aims for the Throne: Kalyan Ram Declares Epic Will Surpass Game of Thrones

NTR’s Devara Aims for the Throne: Kalyan Ram Declares Epic Will Surpass Game of Thrones

Excitement for Jr. NTR’s upcoming film, Devara, just reached a fever pitch with producer and actor Kalyan Ram making a bold claim. In a recent interview, Ram stated, “For me, Devara is bigger than Game of Thrones and it will be the best on the Indian screen.”

This audacious statement has fueled the already raging fire of anticipation surrounding the Koratala Siva-directed project. With NTR playing the titular role, Devara boasts a grand historical setting, breathtaking production design by Sabu Cyril, and even underwater sequences.

While Game of Thrones is revered for its complex plot, sprawling character arcs, and epic fantasy world, Kalyan Ram suggests Devara will offer something even more distinct. He emphasizes the sheer scale and meticulous detail poured into the film, highlighting the painstaking construction of elaborate sets and NTR’s unwavering dedication to his performance.

This isn’t the first time NTR has been associated with ambitious projects. The recent RRR cemented his global standing as an action powerhouse, and Devara aims to solidify his image as a versatile actor capable of conquering historical epics as well.

Kalyan Ram’s confident declaration has sparked both intrigue and debate. Some see it as a bold marketing strategy, while others perceive it as genuine belief in the film’s potential. Regardless of the motive, it has undoubtedly generated immense buzz and solidified Devara’s position as one of the most anticipated Indian films of the year.

Only time will tell if Devara can truly claim the title of “bigger than Game of Thrones,” but one thing is certain: its ambitious vision and the combined talents of NTR and Koratala Siva have set the stage for an epic cinematic experience that promises to enthrall audiences across the globe.

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