Our Bahubali is now Baba?

Our Bahubali is now Baba?

It is important for any star to look their best, no matter if it’s off screen. Or else it can be that the star can lose the fans. Actor Prabhas has a huge fanbase, no doubt he has contributed with his commendable acting in the film industry. Most of the fans follow Prabhas for his stylish personality and dashing looks that any young age fan can relate with.

These days he has no projects and he is not shooting for any one. Some pics are going viral on social media by the paparazzis where he is wearing a scarf around his head which is a very new look for all the fans. Some are impressed with his new look and on the other hand, some anti fans are trolling as they think his look is so weird. 

His upcoming film titled as Adipurush, in this film he is playing the role of Lord Rama, and some anti fans are saying that the new look of Prabhas is more suitable for Sai Baba than Lord Rama. The exact reason for Prabhas wearing a scarf is not revealed yet.

But in this independent country we have the right to wear what we want, or live how we want. We should appreciate Prabhas’s new look. However it can be for his upcoming movie or something else. 

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