Premalu Steals Hearts, Screens Added Across Telugu States!

Premalu Steals Hearts

The delightful rom-com “Premalu” has captured the hearts of Telugu audiences, prompting exhibitors to add more screens across the states.  The film, a Telugu remake of the Malayalam hit of the same name, released on March 8th to positive buzz.

While it faced some initial competition from “Gaami” and “Bhimaa,” both released on the same day, “Premalu” has seen its popularity soar thanks to strong word-of-mouth.  Positive reviews praising the film’s heartwarming story and charming performances have fueled audience demand.

Premalu Steals Hearts

The movie’s fortunes received a significant boost when none other than the legendary director S.S. Rajamouli himself took to Twitter to endorse the film.  Rajamouli, whose son SS Karthikeya presented the Telugu version of “Premalu,” described it as a “laugh riot” and praised the script’s relatable portrayal of youth culture.

This endorsement from a titan of the industry like Rajamouli has undoubtedly played a role in the increased interest in “Premalu.” Theaters are now scrambling to add more screenings to keep up with audience demand, ensuring fans have a chance to experience this feel-good Telugu love story.

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