Vikram director being gifted with dream car Lexus

Vikram director being gifted with dream car Lexus

If you even rarely watch South Indian movies then you will surely know about the veteran actor Kamal Hassan and his recent movie Vikram. Vikram is getting so much success in its theatrical release and completed the 100 crore mark in just 3 days of release. Have you watched Chachi 420 in your childhood? If yes then you will understand how talented and experienced actor Sir Kamal Hassan is. He has worked in Tamil as well as some Hindi films also and recently, he did the comeback again in the cinema with Vikram movie.

Vikram is directed by known director Lokesh Kanagraj, who himself is a big fan of Kamal Hassan. He did a twitter post about a special gesture by veteran actor Kamal Hassan and the producer of Vikram. The tweet is a thanksgiving for Kamal Hassan and the producer of Vikram as they together gifted a brand new Lexus ES 300H luxury sedan to the director Lokesh.

He wrote thank you in the tweet and the real tweet was – 

He also wrote ‘Aandavarey’ which means God and tagged Kamal Hassan.

Kamal Hassan also wrote a letter for director Kanagraj –

If we talk about the car specification, then this car is the entry level model of Toyota-owned luxury carmaker. It is a powerful and luxurious hybrid sedan. As per the sources the car costs about 65 lacs which is the ex-showroom price of this car.

The ES300H is powered by a 2.5 liter petrol engine which, combined with a 250 volt electric unit makes this luxury car a hybrid. Both electric and petrol engines together have the power of 214 bhp while the peak torque generated from the engine separately stands at 221 Nm.

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