Review: Eagle (2024) A Stylish Action Thriller with Uneven Execution

Eagle (2024) movie review and 1st day collection

Release Date : February 09, 2024
The OTT World Rating : 3/5
Starring: Ravi Teja, Anupama Parameswaran, Kavya Thapar, Vinay Rai, Navdeep, Srinivas Avasarala, Madhoo, Ajay Ghosh, Praneetha Patnaik
Director: Karthik Gattamneni
Producer: T.G Vishwa Prasad
Music Director: Davzand
Cinematographers: Karthik Gattamneni, Karm Chawla, Kamil Plocki
Editor: Karthik Gattamneni

Ravi Teja returns to the screen in “Eagle,” a high-octane action thriller aiming to showcase a different side of the veteran actor. While the film boasts impressive action sequences and Teja delivers a commendable performance, its uneven pacing and uninspired dialogue hold it back from truly soaring.


Sahadev Varma (Teja), a cotton farmer from Talakona, finds himself embroiled in a global conspiracy when his rare crop attracts unwanted attention from RAW, Naxalites, and international terrorists. Journalist Nalini (Anupama Parameswaran) stumbles upon Sahadev’s secret, setting off a chain of events that forces them to confront their past and fight for survival.

Plus Points:

  1. Teja’s Transformation: Stepping out of his comfort zone, Teja plays Sahadev with a mature subtlety. His performance transcends his usual flamboyant style, showcasing his versatility and screen presence.
  2. Compelling Premise: The film tackles a relevant global issue, seamlessly interwoven with the central love story. This unique combination holds potential for an engaging narrative.
  3. Thrilling Action: The action sequences are undoubtedly the film’s highlight. Well-choreographed and shot with impressive camerawork, they’ll satisfy action movie fans.
  4. Technical Finesse: “Eagle” boasts commendable technical aspects. The cinematography, particularly during action scenes, is stylish and polished. The production design is impressive, especially considering budget constraints.

Minus Points:

  1. Slow-Burning First Half: The film struggles to find its footing early on. The mystery surrounding Sahadev unfolds through repetitive, slow-paced scenes, potentially testing audience patience.
  2. Dialogue Missteps: The attempt at distinctive dialogue backfires, resulting in confusing and occasionally irritating exchanges that detract from the narrative flow.
  3. Inspiration Overload: Certain scenes clearly draw inspiration from other films, hindering originality and immersion.
  4. Unsatisfying Ending: The abrupt ending leaving room for a sequel feels forced and impacts the overall impact of the movie.

Technical Aspects:

Cinematographer Karthik Ghattamaneni deserves praise for his stylish visuals, particularly in action sequences. The editing, however, could have been tighter to improve the film’s pace. Music and background score are decent but not particularly memorable.


Eagle” presents a fascinating premise with an impressive lead performance and stunning action sequences. However, the uneven pacing, lackluster dialogue, and questionable stylistic choices hinder its potential to be a truly compelling film. If you’re a die-hard Teja fan or an action enthusiast willing to overlook these flaws, give it a try. Otherwise, you might want to wait for a sequel that hopefully rectifies the shortcomings.

Overall Rating: 3/5

This revised review condenses the original while offering a clearer structure and more critical analysis. It highlights the film’s strengths and weaknesses more effectively, providing a balanced perspective for potential viewers. Additionally, the rating system is simplified for better understanding.

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