Hi Nanna

Hi Nanna

Genre: Drama, Family, Romance
Director: Shouryuv
Writers: Nagendra Kasi, Shouryuv, Rashmi Singh
Stars: Shruti Haasan, Mrunal Thakur, Nani

In Hi Nanna, released in December 2023, a single dad named Viraj struggles to navigate the choppy waters of single parenthood with his adorable daughter, Mahi. Every night, six-year-old Mahi bombards him with the same question: “Where’s Nanna?” Nanna, of course, is her mother, Varsha, a figure shrouded in mystery, having vanished from their lives years ago.

Viraj, a fashion photographer in Mumbai, avoids the topic like a dodged camera flash. This silent wall grows into a rift, culminating in Mahi’s dramatic act of running away. Enter Yashna, a kind stranger who becomes a beacon of comfort for Mahi and, unintentionally, forces Viraj to confront his past.

The truth about Varsha is far more intricate than Viraj’s initial evasions suggest. Secrets unravel, layers peel back, and the story takes a surprising turn, keeping you guessing until the very end. Through it all, the film delicately explores themes of grief, forgiveness, and the unwavering bond between a father and his daughter.

Why Watch Hi Nanna:

A Touching Exploration of Family: The film celebrates the joys and challenges of single parenthood, making it relatable for anyone who has ever navigated family dynamics.

Mystery and Suspense: The search for Varsha becomes a gripping quest, keeping you hooked with unexpected twists and turns.

Emotional Depth: The film dives deep into the complexities of loss, love, and second chances, offering a poignant and relatable experience.

Stellar Performances: Nani delivers a nuanced performance as the grief-stricken yet loving father, while Baby Kaira Khanna steals the show with her infectious innocence.

Skip it if:

  • You prefer lighthearted comedies or action-packed thrillers.
  • You’re not a fan of slow-paced, character-driven narratives.
  • You’re sensitive to emotional themes of loss and grief.

Ultimately, Hi Nanna is a heartwarming and engaging film that resonates with its emotional depth and captivating mystery. If you’re looking for a story about family, forgiveness, and overcoming challenges, Hi Nanna is a must-watch.

Let me know if you’d like more details about the film, like the director, music, or production company!

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