Kapil Sharma: I’m not done yet

Kapil Sharma: I’m not done yet

Genre: Comedy
Director: Sahil Chhabaria
Top-Cast: Kapil Sharma
Writer: Anukalp Goswami, Kapil Sharma


Synopsis – Kapil Sharma: I am not done yet is an Indian web based reality show, the first season of this reality show is out now. One can binge watch this series exclusively on Netflix. The season 1 of this reality show was released on 28th January 2022. This is something different from what Kapil does in his other show “Comedy Nights with Kapil”. This show also marked the first web debut of Kapil Sharma.


This show is directed by Sahil Chhabaria and, Kapil Sharma will be seen as a Stand up artist. In this show Kapil Sharma talks about his struggle to reach that position where he is now at. As we wrote above, comedy is not the priority of this show, so if you want to laugh out loud, you can switch to his Kapil Sharma Show instead.


In his first solo stand up special in over a decade, Kapil talks about his personal life and financial struggles.

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