Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Director: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava
Top-Cast: Brad Garrett, Lou Romano, Patton Oswalt
Writer: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava, Jim Capobianco

Synopsis – 

Ratatouille is an American animation, adventure, and comedy movie which was released on 22nd June 2007 in the Kodak Theatres, and 29th June 2007 in the United States. This film is directed by Brad Bird and the screenplay is also given by Brad Bird, produced by Brad Lewis under the banner of Walt Disney Pictures, and Pixar Animation Studios. It stars Patton Oswalt, Ian Holm, Lou Romano, Janeane Garofalo, Brad Garrett, Peter O’Toole, Brian Dennehy, Peter Sohn, and Will Arnett in the voice artist roles in this computer animated movie.


The music in this animated film is composed by Michael Giacchino while the cinematography and editing is completed by Sharon Calahan, Robert Anderson and Darren T. Holmes, Stan Webb. This film was distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution from 22nd June 2007 in the Kodak Theatre and 29th June 2007 in the United States.


The runtime of this film is about 111 minutes and this film was made with the budget of $150 million dollars and collected almost $623.7 million dollars from the box office. The story of this film is given by Jan Pinkava, Jim Capobianco, and Brad Bird.


The story of this film is based on a talented rat named Remy who has the brilliant talent or you can say the perfect sense of smell and taste. And he wants to be a chef like his idol the late Auguste Gusteau. Remy reaches a famous restaurant in Paris where he meets with a young kitchen worker which makes an unusual alliance between both of them. Remy knows the motto of his idol Gusteau that “Anyone can cook”  The further story of this film is filled with many twists and turns.

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