Amazon is experimenting with the release of ‘Son of India’.

Amazon is experimenting with the release of ‘Son of India’.

Son of India is a 2022 Indian Telugu language patriotic action drama film written and directed by Diamond Ratnababu. The theatrical release of this film was on 18th February 2022. This film was produced under the banner of 24 Frames Factory

Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures, by Vishnu Manchu. This film did not perform as expected at the box office and was a disastrous flop.

The Mohan Babu starrer Son of India has been streaming on Amazon Prime Video from some days ago and now one can watch this film with Amazon Prime Video’s subscription. 

There is a shocking thing on Amazon Prime Video that in the US, if you want to watch this film you have to pay for it means this film is not part of the subscription. Shockingly this thing does not even happen for the big films.

Some days ago during the release of this film in India, this movie got the most cringe award from the OTT viewers on social media. But it is strange that this movie is being released over Amazon Prime Video with the pay per view model.

Due to the non realistic storyline this film has already made the reason for trolls on social media. Now the pay per view model of Amazon can be made the reason for new trolls for this film.

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