Aashram Season 3 Review

Aashram Season 3 Review

Ashram Season 3 has directed by Prakash Jha which will portray the ill fated stories taking place in and around the Ashram run by Baba Nirala. This season of Ashram has brought some new characters for the audience and also increased the powers of Baba Nirala. In this season Baba Nirala has been a godman for his chants.


The second season of this show takes off when Pammi escaped from the Babaji’s Ashram after being sexually abused by him and now what only Pammi wants is the end of Bababi’s Ashram. In this season Baba has made powerful connections with some politicians and now Baba has the power to change anything overnight. 


In the new season of Ashram will also be shown about the real Monty inside Baba Nirala and his own story in the past, How he became Baba Nirala and all. The engaging storyline of this show will force you to binge watch this series. 


Along with the new plot of this show, viewers will also see a new character, Esha Gupta who played the role of Sonia, a brand consultant, in this show. Her character in this show is more of a sexual interest for Babaji as this series contains many erotic scenes of Babaji and Sonia.

Lastly, the character which has a special place in this series and for Baba Nirala too, Bhopa Swamy (Chandan Roy Shanyal) has played commendable in his role and Pammi’s presence is missing in some episodes. Anupriya Goenka and Darshan Kumar’s appearances are on the sidelines in this series.

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