First Look! Huma Qureshi Drives Change as an Auto Rickshaw Driver in Upcoming Project

First Look! Huma Qureshi Drives Change as an Auto Rickshaw Driver in Upcoming Project

On International Women’s Day, Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi Drives Change to set the internet ablaze with the announcement of her next project! Titled to be revealed, the film promises a powerful story centered around female empowerment.

Qureshi will be seen breaking stereotypes by portraying a determined auto rickshaw driver. This unique character is inspired by a real-life woman who defied societal norms to carve her own path. The film’s poster, unveiled by Qureshi herself, hints at the gritty determination of her character.

Huma Qureshi Rocks

This project comes hot on the heels of Qureshi’s critically acclaimed performance in the period drama “Maharani.”  Here, she takes a sharp turn, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Directed by Vipul Mehta and produced by Jio Studios and Echelon Productions, the film promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of women’s strength and resilience.

Details about the plot are still under wraps, but early reports suggest it will be a:

  • Social drama highlighting the struggles and triumphs of female auto rickshaw drivers in India.
  • Uplifting story that celebrates female independence and the fight for equality.
  • Possible exploration of the social and economic challenges faced by these inspiring women.


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Fans are already excited to see Qureshi in this power-packed role.  Here’s what the internet is buzzing about:

  • “#HumaQureshiRocks“: Fans are lauding Qureshi’s choice of unconventional roles that push boundaries.
  • “#WomenWhoDrive“: The film has sparked conversations about empowering women in traditionally male-dominated professions.
  • “#GirlPower“: The project is seen as a potential inspiration for young women to chase their dreams.

With a captivating story, a talented actress at the helm, and a timely theme, the untitled film is shaping up to be a must-watch for fans of meaningful cinema. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting project!

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