Shaitaan: A Familiar Face-Off in a Not-So-Scary Standoff

shaitaan movie (2024) review

Shaitaan promises a clash of two Ajay Devgn archetypes: the action hero and the devoted family man. Set against the backdrop of a tense hostage situation, the film delivers mild thrills but struggles to break new ground.

The plot revolves around Kabir (Devgn), enjoying a family getaway at their luxurious farmhouse. Their idyllic weekend is shattered by the arrival of Vanraj (R. Madhavan), a menacing stranger with a dark agenda. What follows is a series of threats and psychological mind games as Vanraj disrupts their lives.

shaitaan movie review

Devgn portrays both sides of Kabir effectively. He’s the protective father, fiercely guarding his family, and the resourceful hero, devising escape plans. However, the film leans heavily on familiar tropes. The horror elements, while unsettling at times, lack originality.  The scares rely more on jump scares and tense situations than genuine chills.

Where Shaitaan shines is in the performances. Devgn delivers a solid performance, as expected. Madhavan is suitably creepy and menacing as the villainous Vanraj. Jyothika, as Kabir’s wife, adds depth to the emotional core of the narrative.

shaitaan movie (2024) review Shaitaan: A Familiar Face-Off in a Not-So-Scary Standoff

The fast-paced first act quickly throws viewers into the heart of the conflict. However, the middle section drags as the hostage situation unfolds predictably. The climax, while suspenseful, feels somewhat formulaic.

Overall, Shaitaan is an entertaining watch for fans of familiar hostage thrillers.  Those seeking a truly terrifying experience or a fresh take on the genre might find it underwhelming. The dependable performances and the initial setup hold promise, but the lack of originality and predictable plot limit its impact.

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