Dear Sathya

Dear Sathya

Genre: Action, Thriller
Director: Shivaganesh
Top-Cast: Aryann Santosh, Archana Kottige, Ashwin Rao Pallaki
Writer: Shivaganesh

Synopsis – 

Dear Sathya is an Indian, Kannada language action and thriller film directed and written by Shivaganesh. This film is produced by Ganesh Papanna under the banner of Purple Rock Entertainers. The music in this film is composed by Keshav, Raghu Dixit, and Upendra. The lead stars in this film are Aryann Santosh, and Archana Kottige. 


Screenplay of this film is unbeatable because nowadays, screenplay is the thing that makes or breaks the film. In this film Dear Sathya, viewers will get the reverse screenplay that will be an unique experience also. Thriller is filled in this film from start to end. The film is a type of novel. The story of this film is based on a young middle class guy who works in the company as a food delivery agent. 


Because he wants to be self employed and do the needful for that, then his life takes a drastic turn and he is betrayed by the system. He loses the girl he loves, he demotivates with his life and then it all makes an obstacle in achieving his goals. Also this movie shows how a girl takes blame in society for a mistake that she doesn’t make.


The film has a story where some questions remain unanswered even at the end of the film. That is the reason why this film lags a little. The lead of this movie works well as expected, Aryann Santosh has put his best effort in this film and performed well. The female lead Archana Kottige has also used the best out of the opportunity given to her. Ashwin Rao Pallakki, as Sathya’s friend, Arvind Rau, and Aruna Balaraj also have proved themselves by giving the best performance.

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