Genre: Drama, Comedy
Director: Small Town Films
Top-Cast: Ayesha Raza, Plabita Borthakur, Shiv Panditt, Vivaan Shah, Vivek Mushran
Writer: Sudeep Nigam, Abhishek Chatterjee

Synopsis – 

Sutliyan is an Indian Web Series available on ZEE5 written by Sudeep Nigam and Abhishek Chatterjee. This web series is produced by Karan Raj Kohli and Viraj Kapur under the banner of Manor Rama Pictures. The cinematography and editing is handled by Piyush Kumar Das, and Abhishek Deshpandey respectively. The original release of this web series was on 25th February 2022.


This film story is based on the family get together, this film is a warm and fuzzy family drama which is shooted in the city of lakes and gardens in Bhopal. The story is like, The chandel family is getting together after a few years for the festival of light, Diwali, but unlike other years, now everything is not like before. 


If you like emotionally fulfilling shows then Sutliyan will be the best choice for you. It is a warm drama with relatable characters that will help you to realize the importance of the family. This web series is available on ZEE5 with the nominal subscription. Now, you can binge watch all the episodes of Sutliyan on ZEE5 from anytime, and anywhere in the world. 


Rajan, Ramni and Raman lost their father in the early lockdowns and none of them could make it to his funeral. This is the reason for the angst of their mother Supriya. When the family reunites there should be happiness around but in this family the things are just opposite. Angst and drama will be seen between the family members in the movie and how the happiness will spread again between children and their mother.

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