Hareesha Vayasu 36

Hareesha Vayasu 36

Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Gururaj Jyeshtha
Top-Cast: M. S. Umesh, Umesh Mijar, Ramesh Rai Kukkuvalli
Writer: Gururaj Jyeshtha

Synopsis – 

Hareesha Vayassu 36 is an Indian Kannada language drama and romance film written and directed by Gururaj Jyeshtha. This film was released on 11th March 2022. The music in this film is composed by Gururaj Jyeshtha, and the cinematography is handled by Mohan Padre while choreography is handled by Star Giri Bengaluru. 


The star cast of this film are M S Umesh, Yogish, Umesh Mijjar, and Ramesh Rai Kukkuvalli in the lead roles. Other supporting roles are performed by Shwetha Arehole, Prakash Tuminadu, Rakshan Madoor, Shobha Shetty, and Manjula Janardan. 


This is another marriage based drama film based on the story of Harish. Harish is a real estate broker. He lives with his father. Although he is 35, he is still unmarried. His occupation and his age is the reason he doesn’t get matches. But Harish wants to get married at any cost, so the whole story of this film is about whether or not Harish finds a girl.


The main highlight of the film is the bond between the father and the son, which is done by the characters of father and son well. This movie has some good moments of laughter as well as some moments that are not so good. Viewers will be able to see the coastal flavor and language, and some beautiful visuals of the area which is another highlight of the film. However the motive is nice but the screenplay is not. That is the reason behind it makes viewers lose interest.

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