Genre: Thriller, Drama
Director: Abhijit Panse 
Top-Cast: Prajakta Mali, Tejaswini Pandit
Writer: Abhijit Panse, Amol Bhor

Ran Bazaar is an Indian Marathi language thrilling drama web series directed and written by Abhijit Panse. This film is rated as ‘A’ which means that this movie is for the Adult audience only. The official release date of this series is 20th May 2022. This series is officially premiered on Planet Marathi OTT. This web series is produced by Planet Marathi along with Raavan Future Productions.


This music in this series is composed by Av Prafullachandra while the cinematography and editing is performed by Sandeep Gn Yadav, and Nilesh Navnath Gavand respectively. This series has a total of 10 episodes for 45 to 55 minutes each in the Season 1. At this time (i.e. 23.05.2022), there are 3 episodes available to binge watch on Planet Marathi OTT and next episodes of this series will be available between 27th May to 10th June. This series is said to be the Boldest web series in Marathi.


The story of this series is based on two prostitutes who tangled in the web of politics, power and conspiracy which hangs the state government’s future in questions. According to the sources, the story of this movie is based on true events.


All the cast of this series worked well in their roles and this series is an absolute erotic made ever in Marathi language. In this series the Marathi actress Prajakta Mali will be seen in the bold avatar. This series is officially announced in the Marathi language only.

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