NTR 30: Is the plot derived from Allu Arjun’s AA21?

NTR 30: Is the plot derived from Allu Arjun’s AA21?

The most awaited film NTR 30 starring NT Rama Rao Jr. ‘s poster has been unveiled. Only the poster has collected largely positive responses over social media. But there is an observation created by the netizens about the plot of this film. They are talking about the plot of this movie, that the story can be derived from Allu Arjun’s AA21. 

No one knows the truth, these rumors are spreading around the internet due to the matches of the movie posters to some extent. Both NTR 30 and AA21 posters look close to similar, like an ocean backdrop and a dark theme.

It feels like the director Koratala Shiva is using the same script for both the movies with some minor changes with the story. But is this not too early now to talk about the similarities of both films, I think we should wait until the official trailers of the movies. 

According to the sources both NTR 30, AA21 in the pre production stage. NTR 30 can be released theatrically till the end of 2022. But the audience will have to wait for AA21 as the expected time for the theatrical release is in 2024. The details are not fixed because both of the films are in the production phase now.

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