Temptation Island (TV series)

Temptation Island (TV series)

Genre: Game Show, Reality TV
Starring: Mark L. Walberg, Deac Conti, Samantha Hoffman

Temptation Island is an American reality dating series, in this show several couples lives with a group of opposite sex to test the strength of their relationships. This TV show is based on a Dutch TV-program Blind Vertrouwen created by Endemol and has been adapted in various countries. This series was originally premiered on Fox and later in 2019 revised by USA Network.


This TV show has 3 seasons. Each season includes 8 to 12 episodes. The duration of each episode is 60 minutes. This show is produced under the banner of Fox Television Studios (2001–2003), Rocket Science Laboratories (2001–2003), and Banijay Studios North America (2019–present).


The production locations of this TV show were at Ambergris Caye, Belize and Roatán, Honduras and Maui, Hawaii. 


Now the latest episode of this show is premiering from May 2022 on Fox.

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