Delhi Khabbar

Delhi Khabbar

Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Mystery
Directed by: Adeeb Rais
Written by: Adeeb Rais
Starring: Vikas Kumar, Madhussneha, Faizan Mir, Neha Kanwar, Puneet Brar and Adeeb Rais

The latest trailer has been unveiled for the upcoming MX exclusive web series “Delhi Khabar”, based on a cheeky college drama with a mysterious story. Written and directed by Adeeb Rais. The star cast who roped in this film includes Vikas Kumar, Madhussneha, Faizan Mir, Neha Kanwar, Puneet Brar and Adeeb Rais in the lead roles. This series has started streaming on MX Player from 27th May 2022 for free.


This movie is set in a huge college campus and centers around a group of students who live an unrealistic life (which you have seen in the films) full of fun, drama, bitching, partying, flirting, cheekiness of all sorts. But soon they get into a trouble they cannot seem to solve.


There is a murder takes place and these students are now suspects for the same. They all are thinking about someone in their minds who they think might have committed the crime but nobody has anything solid proof. Later they also tried to talk to a spirit seeking answers.


The sense of creepiness this series wants to create with the darkness and eerie music in this series actually fails to do so in execution. 

This crime drama is directed by Adeeb Rais, ‘Delhi Khabar’ is the story of some youngsters who are enjoying their college life until they get into a big trouble. After a murder takes place, the further story revolves around who committed the crime?

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