Guntur Kaaram vs. Hanuman: Multiplex Show Swap Raises Eyebrows in Hyderabad

Guntur Karam vs Hanuman show swapping

The Telugu film industry is buzzing with the curious case of “Hanuman” and “Guntur Kaaram” at Prasad Multiplex in Hyderabad. While “Hanuman” enjoys widespread acclaim and strong ticket sales, its rival “Guntur Kaaram” faces the opposite fate. Despite lukewarm reviews and dwindling audiences, “Guntur Kaaram” finds itself occupying prime screens at the multiplex, even displacing sold-out shows of “Hanuman.”

  • Poor reception: “Guntur Kaaram” has received largely negative reviews and low box office numbers.
  • Empty screens: Despite low demand, Prasad Multiplex in Hyderabad continued showing the film, with seemingly empty screenings.
  • Cancelled show: In a sudden move, a sold-out show of “Hanuman” was cancelled and replaced with “Guntur Kaaram” at the same multiplex.
  • Industry practices: Multiplexes typically prioritize films with higher demand and ticket sales.

Allegations of favoritism: The incident has sparked accusations of unfair treatment by the multiplex towards “Guntur Kaaram” at the expense of “Hanuman” and the audience.

Adding to the confusion, Prasad Multiplex, known for its shrewd business practices, has been running continuous screenings of “Guntur Kaaram” despite visibly empty seats. In a surprising turn of events, a fully booked 1 PM show of “Hanuman” on Monday was abruptly cancelled. Families who eagerly secured tickets received refund messages, only to find the slot usurped by another screening of “Guntur Kaaram,” which remained virtually empty.

Guntur Karam vs Hanuman show swapping

This unexplained decision sent shockwaves through the industry. Multiplexes generally prioritize films based on popularity and box office performance. “Hanuman,” with its positive buzz and strong audience demand, would typically take precedence over a struggling film like “Guntur Kaaram.” The sudden swap has sparked whispers of unfair treatment and potential influence at play.

While the reasons behind the switch remain murky, the implications are clear. The incident raises questions about transparency and business ethics within the multiplex system. Audiences, invested in “Hanuman’s” success, feel disrespected and misled. Critics point towards a worrying trend of potentially manipulating ticket sales and show timings.

The “Guntur Kaaram” team, facing criticism for their film’s performance, seems oddly undeterred by the financial struggle. Their apparent lack of concern stands in stark contrast to their alleged anxiety regarding “Hanuman’s” success. This has further fueled speculation about their motives and the possibility of an underlying agenda.

As the Telugu film industry dissects this curious case, one thing remains certain: transparency and fair play are paramount. Audiences deserve a level playing field where films rise and fall based on their own merit, not questionable decisions behind the scenes. The “Hanuman” vs. “Guntur Kaaram” saga serves as a reminder of the responsibility multiplexes hold in upholding these principles. Only then can the industry thrive on genuine audience enthusiasm and artistic merit, not murky deals and dubious tactics.

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