Nivetha Pethuraj Denies False Reports of Lavish Spending and Involvement in Racing Event

Nivetha Pethuraj Denies False Reports

Actress Nivetha Pethuraj has issued a statement refuting false rumors circulating about her. These rumors claimed that she spends money lavishly and is the reason behind the recently conducted Formula 4 night street car race in Chennai.

Nivetha Pethuraj shuts down false news

Taking to her social media platforms, Nivetha addressed these allegations directly. “False information has been circulating about me recently,” she stated. “I believed someone would investigate and report the truth, but it’s incredibly disappointing to see news spread without verifying facts, especially when it impacts a woman’s life. My family and I have been deeply disturbed by these past few days. Please refrain from spreading such baseless rumors.”

Furthermore, Nivetha clarified her background and career: “I come from a respectable family and have always strived to work honestly in films. I have acted in over 20 movies to date, and I have never been driven by greed for work or money.”

Nivetha Pethuraj Denies money being lavishly spent on her

Nivetha Pethuraj’s denial of these rumors has caused a stir in the Tamil film industry. This incident serves as a stark reminder to media outlets and individuals to verify information before publishing or sharing it, ensuring responsible journalism and safeguarding individuals from baseless accusations.

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