Shocking News! Fans Disappointed as Rajinikanth is Missing from Vettaiyan

Rajinikanth is Missing from Vettaiyan

Telugu cinema is abuzz with a shocking update! Fans are expressing their disappointment after learning that the highly anticipated film “Vettaiyan,” initially believed to star the one and only Rajinikanth, will not feature the legendary actor.

Recently, Rana Daggubati shared a photo on social media from the film’s sets, expressing his excitement about his character. This sparked widespread excitement among fans, who eagerly anticipated seeing him share the screen with Rajinikanth. However, the news that followed dampened their spirits.

Rajinikanth is Missing from Vettaiyan

Here’s the truth:

Director TJ Gnanavel is currently filming scenes only with Rana. Rajinikanth is not participating in the shooting at this time.

After Rana’s Instagram story went viral, fans were eagerly looking forward to witnessing his on-screen clash with Rajinikanth. However, their hopes were dashed with the news of Rajinikanth’s absence from the film.

The reason behind Rajinikanth’s absence remains unclear. It’s possible he’s occupied with other film commitments, or perhaps his character was not included in the final script of “Vettaiyan.”

Only time will tell how “Vettaiyan” will fare with Rana taking the solo lead.

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