Game On: A Mixed Bag of Thrills and Predictability

game-on (telegu) movie review

“Game On,” starring Geetanand and Neha Solanki, hits theaters with the promise of a thrilling ride. Directed by Dayanandh, the film follows Siddharth, a down-on-his-luck young man thrust into a mysterious game with real-life consequences. Does this high-stakes gamble pay off, or does it leave audiences wanting more?


Siddharth, branded a loser by everyone around him, reaches rock bottom and attempts suicide. Just then, a mysterious call changes everything. He begins receiving instructions for tasks, each offering payment and drawing him deeper into a hidden game. As he navigates this bizarre reality, love enters the picture in the form of Tara (Neha Solanki). But can Siddharth win the game and find happiness, or will the stakes prove too high?

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Shining Stars: Geetanand shines as Siddharth, convincingly portraying his transformation from dejected soul to determined player. His emotional range and screen presence hold the film together. Even a brief flashback adds depth to his character. Neha Solanki adds glamour and warmth, leaving a mark despite a less substantial role. Aditya Menon and Subhalekha Sudhakar deliver solid performances.

Missed Opportunities: While the premise holds intrigue, the film falters in execution. The first half drags, lacking the punch needed to captivate viewers. The main game draws comparisons to “Squid Game,” which isn’t inherently bad, but the lack of originality becomes a hurdle.

Predictable Plays: The film relies heavily on predictable twists, making them easily telegraphed and robbing them of their impact. Madhoo Bala’s role disappoints, both in writing and execution, jarring the climax. Excessive profanity and unnecessary visuals further detract from the experience.

Technical Triumphs: Abhishek AR’s music elevates the film, both with background score and catchy songs. The visuals are impressive, showcasing a higher production value than many small films. Editorially, however, the first half feels sluggish, hindering the pacing.

Director’s Call: While Dayanandh aims for a sleek thriller, the narrative stumbles. Tighter editing and unpredictable twists could have made a significant difference.

“Game On” delivers in the acting department, particularly with Geetanand’s performance. The second half offers some engaging moments, but the predictable plot and uneven pacing hold it back. If you’re looking for a suspenseful ride with fresh surprises, this might not be your game. However, Geetanand’s performance and the technical aspects might still earn a watch for some viewers.

Rating: 3/5

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