Keedam 2022

Keedam 2022

Genre: Crime, Thriller
Director: Rahul Riji Nair
Top-Cast: Vijay Babu, Manikandan, Anand Manmadhan
Writer: Rahil Riji Nair

Keedam is an Indian Malayalam language crime thriller directed and written by Rahul Riji Nair. The theatrical release of this film was on 20th May 2022. The star cast of this film includes Vijay Babu, Manikandan, and Anand Manmadhan in the lead roles. This film is produced by Lijo Joseph under the banner of First Print Studios. The story of this film is based on a cyber crime expert’s story.


The music in this film is composed by Sidhartha Pradeep while the cinematography and editing is handled by Rakesh Dharan , and Christy Sebastian respectively. The duration of this film is around 1 hour and 46 minutes. This film was released theatrically on 20th May 2022.


The story of this film deals with an issue that is quite common, but is generally undermined. There is an element of cyber stalking in the story, which is often brushed by most people. Rajisha has played the character of Radhika in the film. She is a cyber security expert, and also well versed in its various aspects, like hacking. Sreenivasan has played the character of Radhika’s dad, who is a public prosecutor. This film is now available to watch in theaters.

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