Curry & Cyanide 2023: The Jolly Joseph Case

Curry & Cyanide 2023: The Jolly Joseph Case

Genre: Documentary
Director: Christo Tomy
Top-Cast: Remo Roy, Rojo Thomas, Renji Wilson, K.G. Simon, B.A. Aloor
Writer: Ushadevi

Nestled in the idyllic village of Koodathayi, Kerala, lurked a darkness disguised by the aroma of fragrant curries. “Curry & Cyanide,” a chilling documentary, chronicles the shocking true story of Jolly Joseph, a seemingly ordinary woman accused of poisoning six members of her own family over a span of 14 years.

The film peels back the layers of Jolly’s seemingly perfect life – a dedicated college lecturer, doting mother, and grieving widow. Through interviews with family members, police officers, and close friends, the documentary paints a complex portrait of a woman harboring hidden desires and lethal intentions.

As suspicion creeps in, we witness the meticulous investigation that unearthed a trail of cyanide-laced meals and suspicious circumstances surrounding each death. The narrative unravels like a Hitchcockian thriller, leaving viewers questioning Jolly’s motives – greed, vengeance, or a macabre twist on domestic bliss?

“Curry & Cyanide” isn’t just a chilling true-crime tale; it’s a stark examination of the dark side of human nature, delving into themes of deceit, ambition, and the fragility of familial bonds. The film raises unsettling questions about how well we truly know those closest to us, and the lengths one might go to for a desired life.

Should you watch it?

Yes, if:
• You’re intrigued by true-crime documentaries with a strong investigative element.
• You enjoy exploring the psychology of criminals and the motivations behind their actions.
• You appreciate films that tackle complex societal issues, even if they leave you unsettled.
No, if:
• You find graphic descriptions of violence disturbing.
• You prefer lighthearted documentaries with a clear-cut ending.
• You’re sensitive to themes of family betrayal and tragedy.

“Curry & Cyanide” is a powerful and unsettling film that will stay with you long after the credits roll. It serves as a stark reminder that beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary lives, can lie secrets as deadly as the cyanide that claimed six innocent lives.

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